Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Chardon, OH

Improving the Quality of Our Treatments

Woman receiving 3 D C T cone beam x-ray scan

It is our goal to make our treatments as precise and comfortable as possible; we want everyone who visits our dental office to be fully satisfied with their care. By using the most advanced dental technology available, we can make detecting and treating dental problems much easier, and we can create an environment where even the most anxious patient can feel at ease with their treatment. Are you looking for the best dental care that the 21st century has to offer? Read on to learn about the technology that we employ at the Chardon Smile Center.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member looking at smile images taken with intraoral camera

In the past, patients would have to deal with a certain amount of uncertainty regarding their dental care. Because they couldn’t see their own mouths, they would have to rely on their imaginations to picture what the dentist was talking about. Today, though, we can use an intraoral camera to take pictures of your teeth and gums and display the highly detailed images on a nearby monitor. This way, you get to see exactly what we’re talking about firsthand so that you fully understand our recommendations.

Digital X-Rays

Dental team members reviewing digital x-rays

There are some oral health issues that remain hidden to the naked eye until we expose them with an X-ray. Today, we rely on digital technology to take X-rays, which has resulted in much clearer images that don’t require us to spend extra time developing them in a chemical-filled darkroom. It’s also much safer for our patients, as digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by as much as 80%. And for added convenience, the X-rays can be stored on a computer instead of in a crowded filing cabinet.

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Patient receiving 3 D C T cone beam x-ray scans

A two-dimensional X-ray has its uses, but it’s still relatively limited in scope. For a more detailed look at your mouth, we can use our CT/cone beam scanner to create a comprehensive three-dimensional image of the oral cavity. The device rotates around your head and takes multiple pictures that are combined into a single digital model. This captures your teeth, jaw, skull, soft tissues, underlying nerve paths, and other structures that we’ll need to fully understand while planning root canals and other relatively complex procedures.

Digital Impression System

Dentist looking at digital impressions

No two dental restorations are alike. That’s because each one needs to be customized for the unique smile that it’s restoring. Our Primescan digital impression system allows us to scan your mouth and create a three-dimensional model of your teeth that can aid in the creation of a restoration that fits properly the first time. Not only are digital scans more accurate than traditional dental putty, but they are also far more comfortable for our patients.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Animated smile during soft tissue laser dentistry treatment

In the 90’s, dentists began using lasers to perform certain procedures; today their use has become more widespread, to the point where they could be considered an essential tool in the modern dental office. Lasers allow us to eliminate bacteria and remove infected gum tissue in a gentle manner that greatly reduces bleeding and swelling, allowing us to perform a variety of procedures quickly and gently. You can consider soft tissue laser treatments as an easier alternative to traditional procedures that use metal instruments.

Cavity Detection System

Dentist and patient looking at cavity detection system report

One of the most important aspects of your regular checkups is giving us a chance to look for tooth decay so that it can be treated as early as possible. With our cavity detection system, we can look for even the smallest signs of decay that might otherwise escape the notice of a typical examination. By finding cavities while they’re still small, we can potentially treat the problem long before irreparable damage is done, thus avoiding the need to schedule a more involved treatment for you later on.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Patient receiving nitrous oxide dental sedation treatment

Are you filled with nervousness or dread when you get in the dental chair? We’re always ready to help you feel comfortable with a kind word and an appropriate form of sedation. During your visit, we can arrange for you to inhale nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen to remain in a relaxed, euphoric state while we work on your teeth and gums. The effects will last the entirety of your treatment, but they will wear off quickly as soon as the mask is removed.